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We have defined earning extra money from the comfort of your home.

What is Icut?

Icut is a free shortener with which you can earn money. Protect your links and earn money with links at the same time.

How and how much do I earn?

It's very simple, you just have to create an account, shorten a link and publish it. For each visit on that link you earn money

Featured Administration Panel

Control all links from the administration panel.

Detailed Statistics

Know and analyze the users who use your links. So you can adapt your strategy.

Low Minimum Payout

You can withdraw the money you have earned with our link shortener. Only from $5.00000 and we can pay you by paypal.

Highest Rates

The highest rates so you can take advantage of all the traffic and earn more money with our link shortener.


With our API you can automatically shorten all links on a website.

Fast Growing

Numbers speak for themselves

74,320 Total Clicks
2,700 Total URLs
296 Registered users